Hi.  I’m Kate, the blogger behind the blog, the furmom to the two furbrats that inspired the name of said blog.

Nice to meet you!

I like to create things with my hands.  I love seeing the creations come to life over the hours, days, weeks it may take to complete the project.  Even when I’m following a pattern or directions that someone else came up with, the finished product  is something I can be proud of.

It’s a good feeling to make things.  One of the main reasons crafting is so important to me is that it’s kinda like my sanity.  I struggle with depression and crafting gives me a productive outlet (or, at the very least, a distraction).  A bit of a side-note: if you also deal with depression and ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact me here.   Also, here is a list of hotlines in a ton of different countries if you need it.

A little more about me, if you’re still interested:

  • My day job is working at an insurance company, which I actually enjoy.
  • I lived in Japan for a year when I studied abroad in college.
  • I absolutely do refer to my cats as “furbabies” and “furbrats” (see above).
  • I was hit by a car some years ago and broke my knee, which does ache when it rains.

I can’t forget the furry butts that inspired the name of this blog: Disco and Juri.


Disco in a chair
Disco lounging in his favorite chair.
Juri on desk
Juri overseeing my work.



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