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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! For several years now, I’ve made it a point to make some kind of sweet treat to share with those I care about.  I’ve done this independent of whether or not I had a significant other to celebrate with.  And this year is no different, even if I am… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

Cross Stitch & Embroidery · Work In Progress

WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon II

I’m still plugging along on this pattern.  My fiance and I have been busy recently with some first-time-buying-a-house stuff, so I haven’t had as much time to sit and stitch, but I’ve made some progress. It’s really fun stitching a huge block of one color and seeing the rest of the pattern appear out of… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon II

Cross Stitch & Embroidery · Work In Progress

WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon

After finishing the little Moon & Back stitch over the weekend, my need for needles and thread has come front and center again.  An artist I follow on Twitter, Lee (@StoneDragonWS) has recently opened an Etsy store and I love his patterns!  His pixel art translates flawlessly into cross stitch.  I bought all the designs… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon