House Hiatus

Hello all my lovely readers!  Posting is going to stop for about two weeks while my fiancé and I pack and move and get settled in (read: get internet).  There may be some guest posts during this time, but nothing set in stone yet.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!  I’ll be back with new posts in a couple of weeks! 😺


Back To The Grind

Well, I’m back from vacation and back to work.  The few days I had between flying back to Iowa from Florida and going back to my day job were spent in a haze of unpacking and massive amounts of laundry.

I’ll be back to my regular posting on Sunday, but I wanted to let everyone know I’m alive and not lost at sea.

Stay tuned for some Pumpkin themed fun later this month! 🎃


I’m on Vacay!

For the next week and chance, I’ll be driving down to Miami FL, getting on a cruise ship, sailing around the Caribbean, then flying back.

I won’t have internet access and so there won’t be any new posts for a short while.  Don’t worry, though!  Posting will return to normal when I return from my much needed vacation. 😄