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Michaels Class: Knit Pumpkin

Michaels classes are winding down while the chain winds up for the holiday season.  But I have a couple more classes scheduled through early November (including my first paid class!).  I ended up going to this class by myself.  Luckily, I wasn’t the only student in attendance.  I was, however, the most inexperienced.  The other… Continue reading Michaels Class: Knit Pumpkin

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Michaels Classes: Embroidery and Wreaths

Every time I take two Michaels classes back to back, the rest of my week ends up filling up and being rather draining.  As an introvert, I just want to craft with people and then come home and craft by myself (well, with my cats). The project we did for the first class encompasses my… Continue reading Michaels Classes: Embroidery and Wreaths

Michael's Classes

Michael’s Classes: Banner & Necklace

It has been a hectic week for me so far!  Monday and Tuesday night I went to two different classes at Michaels – one with my friend Kayla and the other with my mom. Monday night was Fall Paper Banner night with Kayla.  Like previous paper crafting classes I’ve taken at Michaels, it was very… Continue reading Michael’s Classes: Banner & Necklace