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My First Cross Stitch

As I’m finishing up the last of my Christmas crafting, I figured this would be the best post to end this quasi-hiatus with.  I originally started learning how to cross stitch for a Christmas gift, so it’s only fitting.  Next week I’ll be back with regular, current posts.  Thank you for your patience and I… Continue reading My First Cross Stitch

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My First Cross Stitch Pattern

This is another repost from my first (failed) blog while I attempt to make it through this week without flipping every table I see. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) This week’s Pinterest Project didn’t really come directly from Pinterest, but rather was inspired by an image I found while browsing Pinterest. I am a cross stitcher.  I picked up… Continue reading My First Cross Stitch Pattern

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Haiti Quote Custom Stitch: Finished!

I put some more hours in to this custom stitch over the weekend and got it finished for work again on Monday. Somewhere along the line I must have miscounted a stitch because one part didn’t match up to the pattern I made, but everything still seemed to fit just fine.  I’m chalking it up… Continue reading Haiti Quote Custom Stitch: Finished!

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WIP Wednesday: Haiti Quote Custom Stitch

I took the supplies for this stitch with me on my recent cruise vacation with the intention of sitting by the pool and/or beach and working on it, but that never really happened.  I mean, how can I justify stitching when this was my view? I did get started on it upon my return home,… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Haiti Quote Custom Stitch

Cross Stitch & Embroidery · Designed By Me · Finished Piece

Pentatonix: Finished!

Short post today – I’m busy packing for a cruise I’m going on next week! I finally finished the Pentatonix cross stitch I’ve been working on for what feels like ages. I wasn’t able to deliver the finished project myself – my coworker brought it to the new owner since she was meeting her yet… Continue reading Pentatonix: Finished!

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Michaels Classes: Embroidery and Wreaths

Every time I take two Michaels classes back to back, the rest of my week ends up filling up and being rather draining.  As an introvert, I just want to craft with people and then come home and craft by myself (well, with my cats). The project we did for the first class encompasses my… Continue reading Michaels Classes: Embroidery and Wreaths