Pen & Paper

Summer Paper Banner

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the final installment of my paper banner.  When I think of summer, I think of flip flops and deliciously cool popsicles (my favorite flavor is orange). So I decided that’s what I’d make!

I sketched out the shapes for the flip flops and the popsicles on scrapbook paper and cardstock.  I used chipboard to back the flip flops.

For the popsicles, I glued popsicle sticks I had from a different craft to the back of them.  I ended up adding cute faces and using a shimmer pen I got from Close To My Heart to add some juicy-ness.

For the flip flops, I decided I wanted a 3D look.  So, I used some faux leather cording I bought for yet another craft (surprising, I know) to make the thongs of the flip flops.  I used scissors to poke a hole through the chipboard and used washi tape to secure the cording on the other side.

I’m so excited to hang these up at work so I can enjoy the vacation atmosphere without having to actually pay for an expensive vacation!

If you liked these sweet paper treats, be sure to check out the paper banner that started it fall (haha, get it?).  I’ve also got you covered with a winter and a spring version!  And if you want to see these beauties hung up at my desk, be sure to check out my Instagram @whilethecatnaps.

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