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Cross Stitch Key Chains

I recently started branching out in terms of the mediums I cross stitched on.  For Christmas, I made a key chain for a good friend of mine.  I used plastic canvas for the first time.  I ended up having to make the dang thing over again because I cut the plastic too close and the threads started slipping out.  But hey, lesson learned!

I like the way the key chain turned out, and I wanted to make more.  Inspiration struck during a conversation with my bud John regarding merch for his growing band – Mellow Cassette.  I highly recommend checking them out if you like a more punk-ish, grungy rock sound.

I adapted the patterns from perler bead patterns and pixel art.  I like that these allow for a lot of customization.

I ended up making two designs in two sizes – one bigger and one smaller.  The colors I chose were inspired by Mellow Cassette’s first official music video for their song The Cartographer’s Incentive – a 70’s, flower-child era vibe.

The smaller one turned out way better.  Since I cut out a chunk of the plastic canvas sheet, I kept rotating the pieces around and on the larger one, it shows.  I mixed up the order of my stitches a lot.

It’s probably not noticeable to those who don’t stitch, but it’s noticeable to me.  And I realized too late that I miscounted along the bottom of the tape.  But oh well.  I made these as prototypes for the band to look over.

Even with the mistakes, these turned out really well.  They both took me longer to make than I thought they would.  But my biggest weakness is estimating the amount of time it will take to do something.

I will definitely be adding key chains to my cross stitching repertoire.  And maybe you’ll be able to snag a cassette key chain at a Mellow Cassette show!

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