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Spring Paper Banner

This is apparently part of an ongoing series!  Check out the fall banner that started it all and the winter banner that I followed it up with!

It’s been a little over a year since I last did a season.  I’ve been getting teased at work for only having something up for half the year.  So, now that this winter’s been particularly chilly, I’m craving a lovely, warm spring.

I’ve had plans for this banner for what feels like forever ago – I bought all the paper and everything, but never made the time to make it.  It started feeling more like a chore to do instead of a creative way to brighten my cubicle.

But with this winter still drudging on, I decided I needed some spring around me – especially at work.  I changed up my plans for this banner.  I decided to make the flowers simpler.  I decided to forgo a hatching robin and just do robins eggs.  Suddenly, this project didn’t seem like a daunting chore.

I made it even easier on myself by not even having a template.  I doubled up on the paper I was cutting for that particular flower and sketched out a basic shape before getting in there with my scissors.  Same with the leaves.  No template, I just cut.

I glued everything together with a simple glue stick.  Easy peasy!  And rather relaxing since I didn’t have to worry about cleaning off brushes or keeping cats away from specialty glue containers or anything like that.

For the robins eggs, I watered down some brown paint and splattered it over the blue eggs I cut out.  I layered the paint on, leaving a few minutes between applications for the drops to dry.

They turned out way better than I had imagined!  I’m still debating on whether to add little faces like I did with the acorns in the fall and the mittens in the winter banners.

As some finishing details, I glued the cardstock for the eggs onto some chipboard.  I curled the edges of the top layer of petals of the flowers.

I can’t wait to hang these up in my cubicle on Monday.  I’m anticipating either compliments on the spring vibe or complaints on how it’s not quite spring yet.  Winter here in the Midwest seems like it lasts until June sometimes, so I’m excited to have a colorful touch of spring cheer to look at every day at work.

Follow me on Instagram @whilethecatnaps to see this banner hung in my cubicle!  And let me know in the comments if your place of work could use a sprig of spring smiles!

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