mixed media

Mixed Media Mini Canvases

I’ve been bullet journaling for a while now and following various Instagram accounts where they make these beautiful spreads that are just so artistic.  That lead me to art journaling, which eventually lead me to mixed media.  I’ve done mixed media pieces before, but I didn’t necessarily call them “mixed media” pieces.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos on various mixed media techniques and wanted to try it out.

I had bought a bunch of new (to me) things on clearance at Michaels, inherited some art supplies, and gathered a few supplies I bought for one-off projects that I thought I could put to use.

My goal was to just try things out.  Maybe not worry so much about the final product, and push myself to try something new and different on each canvas.  Work with things I’ve not worked with before.

I used puff paint, fabric ephemera, chip board words and shapes, and random and sundry paper pieces.  Then I covered everything with white gesso.  I was surprised at how easy it was to glue down the fabric bits and how well they took the gesso to them.

I have a limited pallet of paint colors, since I just got into mixed media and art journaling and such.  So, I’m not super pleased with my color choices.  I had planned on cracking open some cool-looking gold leaf that had been handed down to me, but when I opened the bottle, it was all hard.  Turns out it was bought in 1994… Just a smidge past the expiration date.

But, I think they all turned out really well!  I have two favorites, Magic and Explore.  I like the polar bear one and the star is my least favorite.

I learned a lot about how different mediums interact, how gesso covers different medias, how to mix paints, and I learned a lot about composition and balance in a piece.  I really liked working with the twine I used for the clouds and trying to shade the polar bear was fun, too, even if it didn’t quite turn out like I had it in my mind’s eye.

Do you do any mixed media work?  Have any tips or tricks to share?  Comment below!

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