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Glittery Guest Post

This week, I have a good friend of mine stopping by the blog and sharing her own brand of craftiness.  I can’t wait to try out the delightful DIY she’s about to share…!


I’m Brittany!  I’ve been mentioned on this blog before, and it’s gone so much to my head I thought I’d volunteer to write a guest post!  That… or I know Kate is busy being an adult and moving into her first house and I wanted to help the only way I can from half a country away… take your pick.

Anyway, if you are like me or Kate, you have a stressful job. Or perhaps you, like many people, experience stress. Or perhaps you are easily amused or easily distracted by shiny objects? Sound like you? If so, keep reading. If not, you’ve read this far, so you may as well continue reading anyway.

While trying to figure out ways to relieve stress…aka browsing through social media, I saw these things called “Glitter Calming Jars” which just sounded magical, and I thought, “I’m mildly crafty, and am not totally opposed to glitter being everywhere; I bet I could make one of these.” So I did.

As a guide, I used this post to learn how and what materials I would need. I used the third set of instructions (using Elmer’s glitter glue) because that seemed the most doable.

I also like space: outer space, inner space,  personal space, the space bar, you name it. So it seemed fitting that my first glitter calming jar be a galaxy jar. I hit the web/local Target to get my supplies and then I got set up in my kitchen.
I figured the best colors for the galaxy were purple, pink, and black, so that’s what I used.
I should mention that since this first glitter jar, I have stopped using a paper bowl because when you put warm water in the bowl…it starts to wilt…which I’m sure everyone else would have thought of. But sometimes, you learn the hard, or in this case soft, way. I measured out the warm water first using my mason jar and then added the glitter glue to the bowl.
I used a whisk to mix that up (don’t worry, the glitter will come off your whisk). Then I transferred the water/glue mix to the mason jar before adding the majority of the glitter. This turned out to be a good idea because some of the glitter glue wanted to stick the bowl and I assume more glitter would mean more sticking. I added my pinks, purple, and black glitter straight away and mixed that up, then I added a little bit of white glitter because what’s a galaxy with no stars? A nebula, that’s what, and I wasn’t making a nebula jar. So stars needed to happen.
I used a plastic knife to mix the glitter in the jar because the whisk didn’t really fit.
At that point, the only thing to do was make sure the jar had cooled to room temperature and then stick the lid on using super glue. And there you have it, a galaxy calming jar!
I went on to make some other jars as gifts: a blue/sea jar, pink/orange (sunrise) jar, and a green jar. I also made a rainbow jar and a green/purple jar as gifts but forgot to take pictures.
And there you have it! Thanks for reading this. I didn’t have a cat to show, but I feel certain Kate’s cats took naps at some point during this process!

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