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Watercolor Beginnings

I love the look of watercolor art.  I have always wanted to learn, but I suffer from perfectionism.  If I can’t do it perfectly the first time, then I’ll never do it perfectly.   That’s the mindset that I have a hard time getting through.

I’m trying to be better with practicing things to get good at them rather than just expecting myself to be good at them right off the bat.  So I’m forcing myself to practice watercolor painting on a semi-regular basis.  And I’m posting about it to keep myself accountable.

So, the other day, instead of packing or cleaning like I should be doing, I decided to play around with my somewhat expensive watercolors.  I Googled “easy watercolor for beginners” to get some ideas for subjects.

Watercolor Beginning 1

These watermelon are super adorable and I think that I’ll be using this design to decorate envelopes when I send happy mail in the future.  I tried using black paint for the seeds on one and drawing in the seeds with Micron pens on the other (after a failed second attempt at using paint).

Watercolor Beginner 2

I love love love how this robin turned out!  I got some unintentional color mixing, but it helped me learn how to use my waterbrush a bit better.  And don’t worry, I didn’t forget this little guy’s eye.  I just waited for him to dry completely before inking – a lesson learned from the watermelon seeds!

Watercolor Beginner 3

This little daisy is probably my favorite one of the practice session.  I plan on recreating this on a full page in the future.

And here’s a full page shot of my watercolor doodles:

Watercolor Beginner 4

The robin has an eye now.  And kindly ignore the lame tree.  Not really happy with that one at all.

So, because I played around with just watercolor, I wanted to see what it would all look like if I drew and inked something and filled it in with watercolor.  So I did!

Watercolor Snorlax In Progress

I chose Snorlax because he’s basically just a bunch of circles and I’m also not super confident in my drawing skills.  Bonus: my fiancé loves Snorlax, so this will be a gift.

Watercolor Snorlax

I actually really liked using watercolor to shade and add a little depth to my maybe not the greatest drawing.  I already presented it to my fiancé and he adores it.  Once we’re all moved in and settled in our new house in a few weeks, he wants to get this framed and hung up in his man cave.


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