Crayon Candles

This project comes from something I pinned a long, long time ago when I still had my first blog and decided to do “Pinterest Projects.”  Color Block Candles, originally posted way back in 2013, is still a fantastic craft to do today.

Crayon Candles 1

Let’s start with the supplies.  You’ll need microwavable soy wax, crayons, clear glass votives, and candle wicks at the very least.  For my wicks, I made my own with bases and wick cord.

Crayon Candles 2

This was actually really nice to have.  I do make candles from time to time for gifts, and this is perfect to keep on hand for wicks exactly the right length rather than having to trim down pre-made wicks.

Crayon Candles 3

All you do is insert the wick to your desired length, then use flat-nosed pliers to clap the metal bit closed, securing the wick.  Trim off whatever you don’t need.  Easy peasy!

Then we can really start on the candles.  First thing you’ll want to do is melt a small amount of wax and secure the base of the wick to the bottom of the votive.

Crayon Candles 4

Let the wax harden completely before pouring the colored wax in.  You use such a thin layer that it doesn’t take long at all for the base to harden.

Then it’s time to peel the crayons and make colored wax.  I wasn’t paying attention when I grabbed crayons and ended up with glitter crayons.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t that mad about it.  Fill a Dixie cup (or other microwavable container) about half-way with soy wax.  Break up your crayon and add it in.

Crayon Candles 5

Pop it in the microwave and heat according to the soy wax packaging instructions, but keep an eye on things while you’re microwaving.  I found that my microwave was singing the Dixie cups after about 15 seconds on full power.  I ended up having to take the power down to 50% and that seemed to work fine.

Crayon Candles 6

I ended up doing two different wax designs.  I did the angled color block, like in the original blog post, but because I only had one admittedly janky rig to hold the votive at an angle.  I also did straight layers so I could make more than one candle at a time.

Crayon Candles 7

This was still a time-consuming project, even with me being able to work on two candles at a time.  It took me about 2 hours to make three candles.  It went quicker as I learned the quickest way for my microwave to melt the wax and crayons.  I will definitely be saving this idea for future gifts, though!

Crayon Candles 8

I’m even more excited to move into my first house so I can display these lovelies and light my home with candles that I made.

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