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WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon II

I’m still plugging along on this pattern.  My fiance and I have been busy recently with some first-time-buying-a-house stuff, so I haven’t had as much time to sit and stitch, but I’ve made some progress.

WIP Treasure Dragon 2-1

It’s really fun stitching a huge block of one color and seeing the rest of the pattern appear out of the sea of gold.  I can see the shields in the pile of treasure forming and I can see the dragon carefully guarding his treasure slowly coming to glare at me.  I love it!

WIP Treasure Dragon 2-2

I finally finished all the gold.  The hoard is almost complete!  I’ll need to fill in the flickers of coins and some shields from over-confident, greedy warriors.  I think there’s a sword in this pattern, too.

But first, I wanted to get to work on the main character of this story – the dragon.

WIP Treasure Dragon 2-3

This is the true test of my ability to count stitches… So far so good, though!  I didn’t get too much farther than this for this post, but the dragon’s tail is coming along nicely.

WIP Treasure Dragon 2-4

And just look at this gorgeous back!  I wanted to immortalize it before I added the rest of the colors and it gets messy.  It looks like my fiance and I have done what we needed to do on our end and are now waiting for the other parties involved to get all their stuff done, so I should have more time to make some more progress on this wonderfully whimsical stitch.  I’m very much looking forward to it!

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