Michael's Classes

Michaels Class: Spring Florals

My fiancé and I are in the process of buying a house.  A house is much larger than the space we currently occupy in my parents basement and I’m all about décor crafts.  My mom likes decorating her house for the season and what better way to decorate than lovely flowers!

I really enjoy doing these floral classes with my mom because not only is it good mother-daughter bonding time, but it’s really fun to see how different our finished projects turn out even though we’re using the same basic pieces.

This project we used one of my favorite flowers as a main piece – anemones.  We also used roses, succulents, and some other filler pieces.

Spring Floral 1

This project is supposed to be made for a 3/4 view, so placed in a corner.  And likely placed maybe higher up since the leaves trail down. 

Spring Floral 2

I really enjoy floral arranging, but I’d never take the time to do it myself if I didn’t sign up for a class.  Mom’s the same.  We’re kind of pros at it by now, since we’ve done a number of classes already, and we breezed through this class.  A lot of it comes down to personal taste.  Mine looked different from Mom’s and both of ours looked different than the instructor’s.

Spring Floral 3

Spring Floral 4
My work.
Spring Floral 5
My mom’s work.

I think I like Mom’s better.  I feel like there’s too much coral in mine.  Maybe it’ll grow on me.  I plan on displaying it in my new craft room in my new house eventually.  It’ll go with the color scheme I’m planning on using.

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