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Friendship Scarf

After the holidays, Michaels classes are back in full swing.  This is the first one I’ve been able to go to and I went with a friend who’s into all things yarn.  The idea of a friendship scarf intrigued us.  It brought us back to middle school and summer camp, making friendship bracelets for our BFF 4 EVA.

Like just about every yarn or embroidery-based class my friend and I have taken at our local Michaels store, it was taught by Tereze, who is an awesome teacher and makes class that much better.

The hardest part of this whole project was the prep work.  After that, it’s a piece of cake!  First, pick 4 different types/colors of yarn.  I would recommend at least 2 chunky or thicker types of yarn.  I chose a thick grey, a thick teal, a black/white gradient, and a metallic blue.

The prep work is to cut 7 pieces of each type of yarn 8-10 feet long.  I ended up doing approximately 12 foot pieces because we used the work tables to measure things out.  You’ll end up with 7 rolls with one strand of each type of yarn.  Use a basic overhand knot on one end.

Friendship Scarf 1

Use a dowel to secure the knotted ends of the 7 rolls of yarn.  You could also use a wooden spoon from the kitchen, a chair with horizontal rods on the back, or a dog kennel.  Get creative!  You just need to be able to keep the tension on the yarn as you braid.

Position the yarn with 4 rolls on the left side and 3 rolls on the right side.  Now, you braid.  If we number the rolls L 1-4 (starting from the left) and then R 1-3 (starting from the right), we take L1, move it under L2 and over L3 & L4.  Now L1 becomes R4.  We repeat from the opposite side.  Take R1, go under R2 and over R3 & R4.  Once again, R1 becomes L4.  And back and forth you go until the scarf is as long as you want it to be.

Friendship Scarf 2

The scarf ends up looking very pretty and ends up being rather thick and warm.

Friendship Scarf 3

Finishing the ends is the last step before you have a lovely new scarf to show off!  Overhand knot the bottoms like you did the tops at the beginning.  Then take one strand of yarn of the same color and tie it all the way down.  For example, I chose to start with my thick grey yarn.  I took the thick grey strand from knot 1 and tied it to the thick grey strand in knot 2.  Then take the thick grey strand from knot 2 and tie it to the thick grey strand in knot 3.  And so on down the line until you take the thick grey strand from knot 6 and tie it to the thick grey strand in knot 7.  Repeat for each separate strand.  That means you’ll do this whole knotting process 4 times.

Finishing the scarf sounds like it takes a long time, but it goes by pretty quickly.  Here’s my finished product!

Friendship Scarf 4

Friendship Scarf 5

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