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WIP Wednesday: Treasure Dragon

After finishing the little Moon & Back stitch over the weekend, my need for needles and thread has come front and center again.  An artist I follow on Twitter, Lee (@StoneDragonWS) has recently opened an Etsy store and I love his patterns!  His pixel art translates flawlessly into cross stitch.  I bought all the designs he had available back over the Christmas holiday, but he’s adding more all the time!

I decided to start with the Treasure Dragon.  The PDF file itself is a work of art.  I mean, just look at this beauty!

Treasure Dragon Cross Stitch Screenshot

I started on Monday night after stopping at Michaels to pick up the required embroidery floss (although I’m 99.9% positive I already had the colors, I just like going to Michaels and buying more embroidery floss).

Treasure Dragon Cross Stitch 1

I didn’t get much done due to attention-seeking kittens and impossibly tangling thread, but I like that my hoop looks like a guy with a monocle and a little mustache.  (I’m writing this well past my bed time, can you tell?)

I got some more done tonight.

Treasure Dragon Cross Stitch 2

Still looks like mustached monocle guy, which I still dig.  But I’m starting to get up into the non-coin treasure part of the dragon’s treasure.  I’m actually almost to the dragon’s tail.  So far, I am really digging this pattern!  I’m alreayd looking forward to tomorrow night when I can work on this some more!  Check back in for the finished piece.

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