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Snow Globe

Today’s post is the first of its kind here on While The Cat Naps – a crafting failure.  I can be a bit of a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life, and I’m trying to embrace the whole “mistakes as lessons learned” thing more, so instead of scrambling to find or make something pretty to post, I’m going to own this failure.

I attempted to make a snow globe out of a jar and a fake tree.  I didn’t follow any specific directions, but I didn’t exactly make it up as I went along either.  There are tons of DIYs on Pinterest alone.  I read on several that you can use baby oil instead of water to make the glitter fall slower, like a calmer snow.  This is important for later.

I started out by procuring an empty jar of molasses my mom had used after making delicious, delicious cookies.  The lid was bright yellow, so I decided to paint it “vanilla,” as the paint color is labeled, or off-white as most people would call it.

Snow Globe 1

I painted three coats over three days, letting each coat dry overnight, to cover the yellow to my liking.  I’m sure you could do it all in a day, depending on the lid of your choosing, but I did the painting in between other projects.

Snow Globe 2

Then I glued the tree I was using as the center piece of the snow globe to the lid and let that dry overnight, too.

Snow Globe 3

Once all of that was dry, I gathered the rest of the supplies I needed: fine glitter, more glue, and baby oil.

Snow Globe 4

I poured enough glitter in the jar to cover the bottom and then poured in a fair amount of baby oil.  I glued the lid to the jar with water-proof super glue.  Here’s where this craft goes from success to failure.  Perhaps the glitter I used was too fine or the tree figurine too wide.  Whatever the problem is, my snow that was supposed to fall slowly from the top of the jar instead clumped together and floated upwards.

Snow Globe 5

The baby oil also wasn’t as clear as I thought it would be.  I’d like to try this project again, but using water instead of baby oil.  The tree figurine I used was part of a two-pack I got on sale at Michaels, so I still have another tree to try this with.  I’d also like to use a wider jar and not glue the lid until I was sure I liked the way it all looked.

Have you ever made your own snow globe?  Did you do or would you do anything differently than I did?  Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. Hi there, professional snow globe artist here.
    If you saw our snow globe studio, you might laugh as we have hundreds of plastic shot glasses half-filled with liquid, each one testing an individual glitter. It can dissolve, clump, discolor, sink, float, swim and otherwise behave badly. When we find one that works, it’s a celebration. Even the same glitter by one company will behave differently each time it’s tested.
    Best of luck – every time you make a snow globe, you’ll learn something new.

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    1. Thank you for the encouraging words! It’s hard to not compare what I make to what I see on Pinterest, and it didn’t even occur to me to research how snow globes are professionally made. Thanks for the comment and the lesson! 😊

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