Made With Michaels

Gold Painted Votives

I saw this project on a while ago and used some Christmas money to buy the supplies I needed to finish it up.  I already had one red glass votive, but I wanted a set of three votives.  So I bought two clear glass votives on sale and also found the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen the project suggests using.

Gold Painted Votives 1

It was super simple to just paint the gold leafing on like you’d use any paint pen.  I already had a pattern in mind for my trio of votives.

Gold Painted Votives 2

I went over the paint twice to thicken the color, especially on the clear glass.  I love the way they turned out!  These took me no time at all and would make great gifts!  The Krylon pen was easy to use and I didn’t have problems with the flow of the gold leafing paint at all.

Gold Painted Votives 3

With tea light candles in them, they look lovely!  I may go over the gold leafing one more time once the leafing that’s already there drys completely.  Currently, they look very pretty sitting on my bookshelf.

I would definitely recommend this project!  Quick and easy and turns out great!

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