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Winter Paper Banner

Happy 2017!  I hope all your New Year celebrations were fun!

For my first craft of 2017 I decided to replace the fall paper banner I have hanging up in my cubicle with something a little more appropriate for the season.  I wanted to keep it season-specific but not holiday specific so I could leave it up from December through February or better – basically, whenever the snow melted!

I ended up settling on the motifs of snowflakes and mittens.  I found a template for a simple snowflake I liked on Google and sized it down for the innards of the snowflake.  I used cardstock for the main portion of the snowflakes and patterned scrapbook paper for the innards.

Winter Paper Banner 1

It was a lot of tracing and a looooot of cutting!

Winter Paper Banner 2

But I’m happy with withe final products.  Such pretty snowflakes!

For the mittens, I used this almost knit patterned scrapbook paper I found at Michaels and chipboard for a solid backing.

Winter Paper Banner 3

I didn’t use a template, I just drew out the simplest mitten shape and used that.

Winter Paper Banner 4

For the cuffs of the mitten, I took a scrap of the same knit patterned paper and folded it like an accordion, attaching it to the bottom of the mitten with glue.  Then I glued the whole thing on to the chipboard backing.

Winter Paper Banner 5

For the fall banner, I had drawn cute little faces on the acorns and I knew I had to do the same for my mittens!  I can’t wait to hang them up in my cubicle!  I got so many complements on my fall banner, I hope my coworkers like my winter banner, too!

I’m planning on making another set for spring and a fourth set for summer.  If you have any ideas on what the two motifs could be for spring, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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