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Bullet Journal 2017 Set Up

For a large part of the last year, I’ve been playing around with different layouts of the bullet journal.  I think I’ve got the daily spreads down at least, so for the new year, I’m moving into a new journal and I’ve begun setting it up.

First, if you don’t know anything about bullet journals, check out the info provided by the creator of the system.  Second, I spend far too much time on Pinterest, so I want to make my bullet journal visually appealing as well as functional.

Let’s take a look at how my bullet journal has evolved.

Bullet Journal 1

I started out relatively simply, with no spreads other than daily logging.  I liked this because there was little set up for me to do before logging my tasks.  I also started out color coding my tasks, but that fell away pretty fast.

I as I used this set up more and more, I found I didn’t have a way to enter day-specific tasks or events that happen later in the week.  I started doing monthly spreads to help keep track of things like that as well as habits and monthly goals I wanted to accomplish.  But I decided to try a more structured layout for my daily task log.

Bullet Journal 3

This spread required more set up ahead of time and limited the space I had for tasks on any given day.  But that limited space helped me focus and not overload myself with tasks.

Bullet Journal 4

This is how I’m ending the year.  I don’t set up rigid layouts for my daily task logging, but I left some pages blank at the beginning of my month section for a brain dump of sorts.  I still generally fit one week on two pages, but I’m not wasting any space if one day only has two tasks and another day has 8 tasks, for example.

I was doing all of this in a squared Moleskine notebook.  For 2017, I decided to give Leuttchurm1917 dotted notebook a try.  I plan on doing more note-taking and collections in this new bullet journal and the Leuttchurm comes with an index and numbered pages.

Bullet Journal 5

Other than the index and an additional ribbon page marker, Leuttchurm and Moleskine are pretty similar.

Let’s get started on 2017, shall we?

Bullet Journal 6

One of my goals in 2017 is to get better at lettering.  At the end of the year, I plan on doing a similar page saying goodbye to 2017.  That way, I’ll have a good comparison on how far I’ve come throughout the year.

I’m still deciding on how I want to set up the beginning of the journal, but I decided a while ago that I wanted a traditional Future Log.

Bullet Journal 7

This is the first spread I’ve tackled in my 2017 bullet journal and I already love the dotted pages over the squared pages of my old Moleskine.  It’s easy to line things up, but it still looks clean and uncluttered.  It’s a big plus in my book!

I haven’t gotten too much farther in my new set up since the Future Log.  I’m playing around in my old (current) bullet journal of different layouts for goal setting and tracking as well as new monthly layouts and the possible addition of a weekly spread for each week before I start my daily logging.

I’m also toying with going back to color coding tasks or even pages and collections.  I don’t know, though.  We’ll see.

Do you use the bullet journal system?  If so, how do you like it?  Do you have a favorite spread?  Let me know in the comments!

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