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Button Friendship Bracelets

I’m in the home stretch of my Christmas crafting marathon!  And some of the other bigger focuses in my life have pulled back slightly as well, so I hope to have everything done and ready to be shipped by this weekend.  Hopefully this will be the last or second to last old blog post I have to repost.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Today’s post is a bit of a throwback to middle school.  Friendship bracelets!  Although a bit more grown up this time around.  I love embroidery floss – stitching, knotting, braiding, tying, looking at, collecting… I do love me some embroidery floss.
Button Friendship Bracelets12My grandmother gifted me a whole jar of buttons she’s collected over the years.  I had lots of fun making these.  I found the patterns around Pinterest.  I’ve collected them on one of my boards.  Check it out!

Button Friendship Bracelets6Metallic floss is pretty hard to work with when it comes to macrame and friendship bracelets.  But this one turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Button Friendship Bracelets7This pattern I found on Pinterest.  This was the second button bracelet I ever made.

Button Friendship Bracelets4And this was the first.  Not really a button.  That’s actually a 5 yen coin from Japan.  5 yen equates to about $0.05 USD.  The 5 yen coin signifies meeting new people and good experiences heading your way.

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