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Origami Bookmarks

I took a little break from Christmas crafting to dive into my backlog of Crafts I Found on Pinterest.  I had several versions of a basic origami bookmark saved, so I decided to try a bunch of them out!

I started with the most basic.  This one was the easiest to make, although it was not the basis of any of the other bookmarks I attempted.  This one also came out the best.  I followed the instructions I found here (via Pinterest), though I didn’t add the Minion-y touches.

Origami Bookmark 1

I decided I wanted a little more flair in my bookmark, though.  I saw an adorable heart shaped bookmark that was put on the bottom corner of the page so you could see it was a heart and not a butt, I’m assuming.  I followed these instructions, but mine didn’t quite turn out.

Origami Bookmark 2

I don’t know if I wasn’t using the same sized paper, even though the instructions say to cut an origami sheet in half.  Or maybe I’m just not great at heart-shaped origami.  I still like the heart idea, though (good for future quick gifts!), and decided to try a different take.

I found a video tutorial on how to fold this sucker.  I used black paper which didn’t really show the heart too well.  Next time I’ll use patterned paper, I think, to really show off the heart.

Origami Bookmark 3

Lastly, I tried following some instructions written in Chinese, but I got lost part way through and sort of made up my own version.  And by “got lost” I mean “saw there was intricate cutting involved” and by “made up my own version” I mean “noped out and folded something that looked similar.”

Origami Bookmark 4

This one is actually my favorite.  I tried to fold the pointy ends in so the bottom would be flat, but I like them hanging out better.  It’s a little poofy, but I suspect that as I use it and it is smooshed between the pages of my books, it’ll flatten out.

Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments!

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