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Embroidered Notebooks

For the month of November, I’m participating in a sort of sister project to NaNoWriMo – NoBoPro (aka the Notebook Project).  The goal is to fill a notebook cover to cover in 30 days.  I bought a three-pack of Moleskine soft cover notebooks I found on sale at Target.

I browsed Pinterest for ideas of how to decorate the cover of my new notebook.  That’s where I found the idea – I could embroider the cover!  It was thin enough I could easily poke holes through the material and I loved the way it looked in the pictures I’d saved.

I decided for my notebook, I would embroider a maple leaf.  I found a picture of an origami maple leaf online and printed it out.  I marked out what lines and “joints” I wanted, covered the back of the image with pencil lead, and then placed it on the cover and traced over the lines I had marked.

Embroidered Notebook Beginning

Then it was a simple matter of poking holes with my needle and embroidering the design.

Embroidered Notebook Cover In Progress

I liked the outcome of this experiment so much that I decided I’d do the same thing with the other two notebooks in the pack.  My fiancé requested a notebook with a moon stitched on it.  I decided to make a gift out of the third notebook as well, with chevrons and the initial of a friend.

Second verse, same as the first!  I found a picture of an origami moon and traced it out just like I did with the maple leaf.  Same thing for the chevron pattern.  I sketched out the “B” myself.

Embroidered Notebook Moon In The Wild

Embroidered Notebook B >>>

These were super easy projects – in total, all three notebooks took me maybe two hours.  Its hard to tell if I don’t physically keep track of time spent – kitten cuddles take precedence over crafting, after all!

Embroidered Notebook Trio

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for similar notebooks on sale in the future!

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