Made With Michaels

Pumpkin Cross Stitch Decor

I was perusing’s project ideas section a while ago and fell in love with this project.  I got the supplies on sale (and with coupons!) and got to work.

Cross Stitch Pumpkin Decor Pre-Hole

The hardest part was marking the holes according to the project directions.  The paper doesn’t exactly lay flat across the surface of the foam pumpkin.

Cross Stitch Pumpkin Decor Holes

And this part was the most fun!  Stabbing something with a sharp object repeatedly is a great way to relieve frustration.  😉  It wasn’t difficult to push through the foam of the pumpkin.  The instructions were to use a bead reamer, so I bought one and it worked perfectly.  I’m sure a small screw driver would work as well.

Once all the holes were punched, it was just a matter of stitching like normal.

Pumpkin Cross Stitch Decor In Progress

Stitching took a while, though that may be because I have nosy kittens who wanna see what I’m doing instead of petting them all the time.  I didn’t use the recommended colors from the original instructions – I chose to use one skein of multi-colored yarn instead of the orange, red, and brown yarn from the original project.

Pumpkin Cross Stitch Decor Finished

I noticed too late that I punched an extra hole and stitched a few extra stitches at the top of the heart shape but oh well.  It still looks like a heart, and it still looks gorgeous!  Only thing I have left to do is find somewhere to hang this.  I gotta display it while it’s still the season!

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