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Michaels Classes: Embroidery and Wreaths

Every time I take two Michaels classes back to back, the rest of my week ends up filling up and being rather draining.  As an introvert, I just want to craft with people and then come home and craft by myself (well, with my cats).

The project we did for the first class encompasses my feelings regarding my unintentionally busy week rather well.  It was an embroidery class that was supposed to say “Amore” but the instructor encouraged us to come up with our own phrase.  Kayla (my craft buddy) picked some lyrics from a song that her and her husband listen to.  She’s using it as an anniversary gift, which is super sweet. Mine, however…



Even though I’m an avid cross stitcher, I’ve never really done any embroidery.  Unless you count backstitching.  Which I don’t really count.  So I count this project as my first finished embroidery!  I couldn’t be prouder of it!


I mean, look at me trying a chain stitch!  I’m so cool and hip!  Right…?

The very next night I went with my mom and made lovely floral wreaths!  This class was PACKED.  In my experience, it’s usually only been me and whoever is unlucky enough to get dragged along lucky enough to be my crafting buddy, maybe one or two other people.  But this class almost didn’t have enough table space for everyone to work with!

We made beautiful grapevine fall wreaths.  It was really cool to see how seven people made seven different wreaths with the same supplies!


My mom (who was my crafting buddy for this class) recently painted her laundry room and decided her wreath looks fantastic with the new color.  Mine is just hanging out over the cats’ food bowls for the time being.


But it looks good on the wall, too.  I really like the wispy branches that spin off the wreath.  I’m proud of the outcome of this project, too!

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