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Card Making Party

I have a couple of coworkers that are big into card making.  They occasionally get together and share supplies and ideas, and they graciously invited me to their latest card making party!

I’ve only recently gotten into paper crafting and card making.  I definitely don’t get as fancy as my coworkers, but I’ll get there as I learn the skills.

They have collections of stamps and ink and ribbons and cardstock and embellishments and tools that they brought to share with everyone.  I don’t have anything nearing the awesomeness that is their card making supplies.  I brought some scrapbook paper, my entire washi tape collection, the various stamp sets I’ve bought from Close To My Heart, and my collection of ShinHan Touch markers.

My card-making M.O. is to stamp on a blank, white card in black ink and then color in the stamped images.

M.O. Cards

I was blown away by all the supplies everyone else had.  I thought I had a lot, but the collections of my coworkers put it in perspective for me.  I dream of the day I get a house and can convert a bedroom into a dedicated craft space.

The cards my coworkers were able to make with their expanded collection of supplies were just amazing.  The cards they made looked so professional and I could definitely see them being sold in stationery shops.  Comparing them to my cards just makes me want to learn and practice and experiment more.

I took some inspiration from my fellow card makers and commandeered some supplies and made a few fancier cards.

Thanksgiving Cards

It just makes me want to expand my own supplies so I can experiment more!  The card party was an absolute barrel of fun and we’re doing it again next month!  I’m already excited to work on my card making skills some more and learn from my amazing coworkers!

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