Michael's Classes

Michael’s Classes: Banner & Necklace

It has been a hectic week for me so far!  Monday and Tuesday night I went to two different classes at Michaels – one with my friend Kayla and the other with my mom.

Monday night was Fall Paper Banner night with Kayla.  Like previous paper crafting classes I’ve taken at Michaels, it was very scissor intensive.  Lots of pieces to cut out.

Leaves - Red Yellow Orange

Lots. Of. Paper.

Leaf Cutouts

Neither Kayla nor I were able to get it all finished and put together before our time in the classroom came to an end.  I had time on Friday to get this and another project (see below!).  The acorns were to be cut out on chipboard, which I don’t really recommend doing with scissors.  I’ve never worked with chipboard before, but if I ever need to use it again, I’m bringing out the big guns – box cutters!


But I really like the wood grain scrapbook paper as the acorn base and the burlap for the cup is just adorable.  The original plans didn’t call for the cute face I drew, but how could I resist!

The finished piece looks lovely above the fireplace.

Fall Banner Fireplace

But my parents will be disappointed when I take it down after the weekend and bring it into the office where it will grace my cubicle.

Fall Banner Close Up

The very next night, Tuesday, my mom and I went back to Michaels and learned how to make a necklace!  Mom got some earrings out of the deal, too.

Necklace Bobbles

I decided to make my necklace about traveling and Japan.  Two of my favorite things (aside from my two cats, of course)!  We used some scrapbook paper and a special type of glue that dries clear and is water resistant to make the pendants.  I found a world map that included the area of Japan that I lived in, and a sheet full of old ticket stubs.

My mom loves dragonflies, so she made her necklace based on that.  There weren’t any dragonfly beads that my mom liked in stock, so our instructor taught her how to make her own out of a hatpin and several types of beads.

M Dragonfly Necklace

The necklace.

Dragonfly Earings

The earrings.  The instructor whipped them out within minutes for my mom.  They match her necklace perfectly!

This project was another one I had to finish at home.  The glue/resin we used for the pendants didn’t dry enough for me to put everything together before our time as class was over, but this was the second project I finished Friday night!

Japan Necklace Close

Japan Necklace Closeup 2

It came together in a snap.  I learned how to use all the tools and how to put the pieces together and I found I really like jewelry making.

Wearing Necklace

Because of my newfound interest in jewelry making, I’m making a secret present for my best friend!  You can check back later to see the gift and how she liked it!

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