Cozy Mugs

Here’s a project that I’ve done time and time again. I usually pull this one out if I need to make a quick gift; I usually keep a few mugs on hand just for that purpose.  This time, I made a couple of mugs for a charity event through my work.

Every year, my workplace works closely with a local chapter of United Way and in September/October, the committee at work does a big two-week campaign to raise money.  The biggest event of the campaign is a basket raffle.  Each department and/or team contributes to a themed gift basket and then we all buy tickets to try to win the basket(s) we want!  This year, the theme my team is doing is “Cozy.”  So I decided to make some hand-painted mugs to fill with delicious hot chocolate and tea.

Mugs in Painting

Oil-based sharpies are my go-to marker for hand painted mugs.  There’s also ceramic paint pens, apparently, but I’ll work with what I already have.

The process is just draw on the mug, let it dry overnight (as close to 24 hours as possible), then bake it in the oven to set the glaze with the added sharpie.  I’ve found the best temp and time is to set the oven to 125° and place the mugs in the oven while it heats, then let it bake for two hours, then turn off the oven and let the mugs cool with the oven.

Cozy Mugs

The results are gorgeous, are they not?  Here, have a few more pictures of some other mug projects of mine.

Fuzzy Colored Mugs

As long as the glaze is glossy, you should be able to paint the mug.  These mugs I made as an experiment to test that theory.  I used stickers to block off sections of the mug and painted little dots around them.  Bonus bonus: you can see the mail holder I made in the background.

This Is Booze Mug

I made this mug for my brother for Christmas last year.  Included is a mini can of Coke and a cute little bottle of Jack Daniels.  This is definitely a repeat for future gifts.

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