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WIP: Pentatonix Custom Stitch

As you all may or may not remember from my Haiti Fundraiser posts, I ended up with a couple of custom orders.  I’m rather busy getting them done, so instead of spreading myself too thin between projects, I’m going to do work in progress (WIP) posts here and there.

Without further ado, here’s the progress I’ve made since I started this project last week!

Pentatonix Start

Ah, the sense of adventure when starting a new project!  And pride, since I designed this stitch myself.

Pentatonix Stitch Grey

“I’m making great progress,” I think to myself, feeling accomplished.

Pentatonix Mistake

Aaaaaand then I realize I miscounted.  On a pattern of my own design.  “Ouch,” says my ego.  Oh well, at least it’s an easy fix and I didn’t have to tear any stitching out.

Pentatonix Fixed Disco

Problem fixed, on to the next color.  Bonus Disco snoozing at my feet.  He makes it hard to focus on stitching sometimes because he’s so darn cute all I want to do is cuddle him!

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