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Watercolor Postcards

I’ve had the supplies for this project sitting in my crafting stash for nearly a year now.  It seemed like such an easy project, I thought I could pull it out whenever I had a few spare moments.

WC Postcard Prep

Spoiler alert: It was not as easy and short as I thought it would be.  It all looked simple enough when I found it on Pinterest – draw with a white crayon on white paper, paint with watercolor over it, profit! Bada-bing, bada-boom!

White Crayon

Hard to see what I was doing, but still simple enough.  Now, to put a wash of watercolor over it and then marvel at my handy work!

Crayon Finished

Not too bad, but I had to go over the “i” again in white crayon once the paint dried.  Not the outcome I was hoping for.  But I had an ace up my sleeve (or buried in my craft drawer).  Liquid frisket!  Never used it before.  Let’s see how it goes!

Frisket Hello

So far so good.  I wasted more frisket trying to get it from the big container in to the smaller bottle, but live and learn.  Funnels are good.  That’s what I learned.

Switching from crayon to liquid frisket took some time.  And then I didn’t want to waste all the frisket I poured, so I had to finish all the postcards I had.

Frisket Postcards

Then, I had to paint them all!  This was actually pretty fun since I got to play around with a medium I don’t work with that often.

Sending Smiles

Lastly, there was an unexpectedly fun part of removing the frisket after the postcards had all dried.  It’s kind of like the rubber glue from back in elementary school.  Peeling it off and watching it stretch and snap took me back to the 4th grade!  Bonus: the effect was exactly what I was hoping for!

Peeled Postcard

At the end of it all, I spent several hours on this project I thought would take several minutes.  But I have a bunch of postcards to send out to all my friends now!  No, seriously.  I have a lot of post cards.

All the Postcards

Postcards Closeup

I have a bunch of liquid frisket left, and these were still pretty simple to make at the end of it all, even if the project was more time consuming than I’d originally anticipated, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be making these again and sending some happy mail out into the world. 🙂

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