Michael's Classes

Michael’s Classes: No-Sew Pillows & Natural Flowers

Michael’s craft stores offer a selection of free classes.  I’m usually signed up for 3 or more classes in any given month, and this month was no different.  You can check out my previous post about the two classes I went to earlier in August, but this post is about the two classes I recently attended.  The projects my mom and I undertook for these classes were No-Sew Embroidered Pillows and a Fall Dried Floral Arrangement.

We got lucky enough to have the same instructor that I had the last two classes I took in August – Stacey.  Circumstances maybe weren’t the happiest that lead her to teach the two classes my mom and I went to; one instructor was on call for a second job and the other instructor broke her foot and was unable to make it.

For the No-Sew Pillow, my mom was sweet enough to suggest that we make complimentary pillows and she’d give the one she made to me when I move out as I don’t have any throw pillows (or a couch, for that matter) and she has loads of them.  Stacey had an array of tote bags to choose from, so we picked complimentary colors and used the same yarn to embroidery with.  Other than that, I gave my mom free creative reign over her pillow design.

Mom Pillow Prep

Stacey didn’t make the pillow proper, since she really had no use for one.  She decorated a tote bag and spend the rest of the class chatting with us.  I discovered she has a blog of her own!  She posts projects she does with found materials and stuff from Habitat for Humanity’s store.  If you like upcycling, you should definitely check her out!

The pillow is actually super simple to make – it’s just made out of a tote bag!  Iron out the creases, mark off lines/areas with masking tape, and go to town with a paint marker!

Masking Tape Lines

Then it’s just stitching whatever design you like with the yarn, make a few tassels, stuff the pillow full of fluff and use fabric tape to seal it up.  It took my mom and I a while to figure out how we wanted to stitch the pillows and we didn’t finish during class.  So we took our projects home, where they sat until we had a free moment to finish them up.  Once we had some time to look at what was already done and time to think about what we wanted to do, we were able to finish the project quickly.  And look how they turned out!  They look so comfy and pretty!

Mom's Pillow

My Pillow

I really can’t wait to get my own place and show these off in my living room!

The second class my mom and I took was the very next day and was a floral arrangement using dried and natural flowers/stems.  We actually went and bought our supplies the night before, so we were able to get right into the arrangement.

Mom and I actually shared a couple of bundles of stems, but our finished projects turned out quite differently!  Mom’s is a smaller and more delicate depiction of the change of the season, but mine is a big bursting bundle of fall.  We had a chance before class to ruminate about how we wanted to arrange our florals since we’d bought them the night before and mom was hesitant about the focal stem of natural-looking cotton.

Mom?? Cotton??

Spoiler alert: she ended up loving it!  What I love most about my arrangement is the colors.  My base color is this lovely deep rusty red, and the orange flowers I picked remind me of a bonfire, especially with the yellow cattails poking out, looking like sparks.

Bonfire Floral

Before we even got home, mom already knew where she was going to put hers.  I, on the other hand, was more worried about whether the cats would be interested enough in the arrangement to find a way to chew on it.  So far, so good on that front!  But it’s crazy to me how using similar materials – the same materials in some cases – we still come up with different outcomes for the same project.

Mom Vs Me

Creativity keeps us both grounded, I think.  It helps us de-stress and bond over creating something together.  We’re signed up for two more classes in September; and I’m going to two different classes with another friend of mine.  Check back next month fore more Michael’s Class shenanigans!

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