Haiti Fundraiser Pt. 2

The craft fair fundraiser happened last weekend and went off without a hitch!  I’m glad I was able to participate in something that was both successful and helpful.

For me, the craft fair started on Friday night, when I went to my coworker’s house to help with the craft marathon. The group that was actually going on the mission trip to Haiti all wanted to help each other (and me) out with their crafts. Another church member had sewn a bunch of pillow case dresses that we tie died, and then the rest of the time was spent on buttons and wrangling various children.

Craft Marathon Prep

It was nice to meet new people and everyone was so kind and welcoming to me.  They were all eager to learn how to cross stitch to help out.  One church member knew basic embroidery from when she was a kid, so she picked up on it quickly.  My coworker picked up on it really quickly as well.

Coworker's Work

My favorite part of the crafting evening, though, was my coworker’s kids getting interested in cross stitch.  Both of her kids wanted to learn, but her oldest really took to it.  I left some supplies at her place for the weekend, and her oldest completed several more stitches.  I learned at the fundraiser that he wanted to make magnets and sell them to kids at his school for their lockers.  Smart kid!

Kiddo's Work

The craft fair fundraiser was on Sunday.  I spent all day Saturday stitching more buttons and getting everything ready.  Prepping signage, getting together examples of my work for custom orders, putting buttons together and gluing the backing on them, attaching them to card stock so they looked nice and professional, etc, etc.  Happily, I planned ahead a little and the designs I made were pretty simple and easy to stitch.  I had more than enough done for the fundraiser.

Haiti Pin

Sunday rolls around and I reluctantly wake up early on a weekend to get coffee before heading to help set up for the fundraiser.  It’s me with my cross stitch, the pillow case dresses, some beautiful leaf-shaped concrete stepping-stones, crochet wash cloths, scarves, and headbands, a church member who owns a business Unite In Motherhood, bath salts, bath bombs, bow ties and hair bows, decor and even cookies.  The pillow case dresses were the best seller – although it was where you paid to sponsor a dress of your choice, which would be taken down to Haiti and donated to those in need.

First Fair Setup

Haiti Craft Fair

I even received a couple of custom orders, of which 50% of the profit is being donated to the trip to Haiti.  My coworker told me that Monday that they raised over $600 and it was the most successful fundraiser they’ve ever had!  I was so honored to be a part of that!

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