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Michael’s Classes: Boxes & Bracelets

Every month, Michael’s craft stores offer a selection of classes for free – that is to say, no charge for the class itself; supplies are still on you.  But if you’ve ever been curious about learning a new skill or if you’re just in the mood to make something, the free classes are a great option.

Earlier this month, a couple of friends and I took a couple of those classes that Michael’s offered for free – Mixed Media Boxes and Metal Stamped Bracelets.  I’ve gone to the free classes Michael’s offers before. In June, I treated my mom to a month of creativity for her birthday and the classes ended up being really fun and a great way to keep my creativity flowing. Bonus: I got to learn new skills!

The mixed media box class was fun and relaxing.  It was on a Monday night, and it was a nice way to start the week.  Since I didn’t have any brand new skills to learn, the class was a lot of me and my friends chatting with the teacher while we worked.

MMB In Progress

One friend, Brittany, is moving to Seattle (moved already, by the time this post is up), and made her boxes an homage to her new home.  My other friend, Kayla, decided to make her boxes into a calendar decoration she could use throughout her favorite season – fall.  I took a page out of our instructor’s book and created a tribute to my two furbabies.  Our instructor’s was dedicated to her dog.

We had a little too much fun painting the boxes (read: deciding to get really fancy and creative with paint colors) and weren’t able to finish the project within the 2 hour time frame that the class was held in.  So, I took my supplies home and eagerly waited for some free time to finish it up.

I finally had the opportunity to add the final embellishments the other day.  Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a lot of dedicated crafting space, so Disco decided to inspect my work.

Disco Supervising MMB

He was not impressed.  But I am pretty happy with the finished product!  Now I just gotta find a place to hang it…

MMB Final

The second class my friends and I took was the very next night.  Really great start to my week!  And it was the same instructor, who we got along with really well.  The craft for this class was a metal stamped bracelet.  The sample used the phrase “Wild & Free” but my friends and I had a Harry Potter theme in mind.  We were going to make these bracelets as an advanced version of the friendship bracelets we used to make in middle school.

The instructor helped us pick out appropriate charms for our bracelets – we are all in different Harry Potter houses – and was incredibly knowledgeable about metal stamping. She answered all the questions we had as she explained the tools that we would need if we wanted to start stamping on a regular-ish basis.  She was nice enough to bring in a lot of her tools for us to use and even brought in scrap metal for us to practice on.

Metal Stamp In Progress

I’m a Ravenclaw.  Brittany is a Slytherin.  And Kayla is a Hufflepuff.  They all turned out really nice!  We all wore them the very next day (we work together) and unfortunately forgot to take a picture of them all together.  But I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out!

Metal Stamped Bracelet

All in all, the metal stamping class was really fun!  Because we expressed so much interest in it, our instructor offered to email us directly and see if she could set up another metal stamping class through Michael’s.  I’d be in that class in a heartbeat!  I’d buy all the starter materials, but they are a little pricey and require room that I just don’t have right now.  So I’ll just have to settle for getting my fix through Michael’s.

I am signed up for two more classes happening towards the end of August. I’m attending these classes with my mom; it was so much fun the last time we went crafting together, I’m really excited to do it again!  So tune in later this month for more Michael’s Classes!

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