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Haiti Fundraiser Pt. 1

I didn’t decide to make more time for crafting and creativity out of the blue.  Something prompted me to think critically about how I spend my free time and how I want to spend it differently.  A coworker is organizing a craft fair-type fundraiser to raise money for some members of her church (herself included) to go on a mission trip to Haiti.  She had asked a group of us that went to get coffee one day if we knew of any easy crafts she could to do churn out a bunch in a short amount of time to sell at the fair.

I offered the idea of cross stitch buttons.  The idea took off in my mind. I came up with a list of ideas for patterns, worked with my coworker to narrow them down, then designed a few patterns.

Haiti Bullet Journal

Haiti Heart Pattern

I don’t know why this project got me so excited.  I’m not particularly religious, so being associated with a mission trip wasn’t a factor in my excitement.  Maybe I subconsciously recognized a way for me to be creative and keep myself accountable for that creativity.  Maybe it was me getting excited about how excited my coworker was getting about the ideas I presented.  Maybe it was simply nice to feel like my artwork meant something to someone.


It’s a group of five people from my coworker’s church that are raising money to go to Haiti.  They want to learn to cross stitch and help make the buttons so I’m not saddled with the whole project myself.  The cross stitch marathon is scheduled for August 19th, so check back for a post about it!

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