Hello, Internet!

My name is Kate, and I’m the human behind this blog!  I’m 28 years old and I live in the Midwestern part of the USA.  My day job is working for a commercial insurance company, but my passion lies in crafting – particularly cross stitch and embroidery, but any time I can create something with my hands, I’m happy.

I taught myself cross stitch back in 2011 to make a Christmas gift for a friend and fell in love with the craft.  I’ve always been crafty and artsy, though.  Throughout middle and high school, I drew a lot and occasionally played around with modeling clay.  Art class was always one of my favorite classes.  I also found a creative outlet in writing.  English was my other favorite class.  In college, I branched out into photography and fell in love with that as well.

Now that I’m graduated from school and am being an adult with my day job and paying bills and whatnot, I’m finding it difficult to make time to create.  Other responsibilities take precedence and at my job, we’ve been doing mandatory overtime for nearly a year straight due to the roll out of a new rating program.  More often than not, I come home from work, do the basic daily chores, and zone out in front of the TV with my two cats, Disco and Juri.  Weekends are dedicated to weekly chores and spending time with my fiance, who works second shift during the week.  I need to change my comfort with the mundane.

While The Cat Naps is a way for me to hold myself accountable for the changes I want to make in my life – namely, making time for crafting.  I need the positive outlet to relieve stress and to help me manage my depression.  Creating new things gives me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, even if I’m following instructions or using a kit.  I enjoy finding ways to add my own personal touch to each project I undertake.

The main focus of this blog will be cross stitch and embroidery, but anything I can create is something I’m proud of and I love learning new crafty skills.  So, my posts might end up being rather eclectic.  To begin with, expect posts of my results following tutorials or kids, as I ease myself back into a life of regular crafting.

I hope you enjoy following along with my crafting adventure!

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